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Security for the unconventional

Your work is extraordinary. Your security team should be, too.


Security for you

You are not like the others.  So why would your security needs be?

You're really busy. And security is really hard. We work with you to create lasting solutions, through audits and red-teaming, interactive helplines, and specialized and ongoing trainings.

What we offer

Security auditing

Discover where your vulnerabilities lie, and prioritize what to prepare for and how

Customized training

In-person or remote, ongoing or one-off, we respond to your needs

Personal security

Prepare your team for the risks they introduce and may incur for their connection to your organization

Interactive security helpline

Onboard your team securely with ongoing, interactive support

Emergency planning & physical security

Navigate the crossover from online to real world

Comprehensive change management

Redteaming, practice measures, and action plans to make your security culture stick

Any of this sound right for you? Contact us today.


Who we help

We work with nonprofits and companies across industries, and proudly specialize in securing:


Running for office?


Identify as a woman?


Saving the planet?

Campaigns large and small are increasingly under fire

Gender-based harassment & violence is a given, online and off

Environmental activists are targeted at alarming rates


Who We Are

At Security Positive, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2013, we’ve helped all nonprofits, companies and individuals respond to evolving cybersecurity threats. Over the years, we've learned how to help you become more secure - and stay that way.

We like a challenge.

We like complex cases. Got a really tough problem? High-stakes work? Really resistant colleagues? Googled and googled and can’t find an answer? We have the background and expertise to figure out a solution.

We don’t trust all-male security teams.

Studies show that women have a more nuanced sense of risk. Yet, in an exploding cybersecurity field, women hold steady at just 13% representation. More diverse teams are better at estimating and mitigating risks.

We focus on the underserved.

We provide cybersecurity for women, young folks, and people of color, sexual minorities, and other marginalized groups. While our colleagues in technology and cybersecurity don’t see or believe their needs, we know we learn as much about security from these clients as we teach them.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies to not just survive, but to thrive. Contact us to see how.

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